Destiny & Karma (Module 8)

Destiny & Karma; Why Love became human! Hibernian mysteries of Golgotha (Module 8)   Teaching   The word Karma refers to the thread that is “truth” functioning in creation with the sole purpose of guiding the evolution of life’s creative forces to the service of loves intent. Initially life’s unfolding was seamlessly sacrificial and without.. read more →

Module 2: The Science of Relationship – Truth Training

I invite you to follow up the Light of the Soul training and attend the Science of Relationship (Alchemy of the Soul) Teachings. In this second module we take the foundation of the first module and use it to reveal to ourselves the intimate invitation that life is making to each of us through the.. read more →

Module 1: Connecting with your Unconditional Self

Hi all, I’m offering the foundation module (Module 1: Connecting with your Unconditional Self) training from October 13th to 15th. If you know or think of anybody interested please let me know or share this info with them. Also if anyone is wanting to repeat the fee is only €150. For those who have done ‘Care.. read more →