Destiny & Karma; Why Love became human! Hibernian mysteries of Golgotha (Module 8)




The word Karma refers to the thread that is “truth” functioning in creation with the sole purpose of guiding the evolution of life’s creative forces to the service of loves intent.

Initially life’s unfolding was seamlessly sacrificial and without Karma or suffering. However this meant consciousness/spirit as love could not enter intentionally into its own creation, resulting in creation not being able to evolve into the experience of itself as love. (Please ponder this.)

The “choice” was then made to create a circumstance within creations evolution that lead to a fission or split from the innate instinctive desire to give oneself to love’s intent. That is, a “Sacrifice“ within the karmaless creative process was rejected. This rejection led to a self-reflective awakening within the sacrificer; a new sense of being able to do its “own thing” was born. Esoterically this is often called Lucifer’s rebellion.

Karma, as we know it and experience it, had its genesis from this moment. Within creation a being could now impose its own will onto the creative process, that is, against love’s intent. The effect of this happening crept into the Human soul, and our journey through separation began.

I am not my brothers keeper

Here is the “Genesis” of the law of karma in creation. As everything that happens in the creative outpouring by Spirit’s sacrificial love expression is “mirrored” back to it as the outcome of its creative effort; then this unconditional (dharmic) gesturing becomes Karmic when a being within creation uses its creativity from a place separate from the Spiritual intelligence that became it. (Sound familiar?)

The Law of karma, “As you sow you reap”, is the guiding principle of truth itself shepherding the human soul (through its capacity for heart-logic) to consciously awaken to the need to choose to give itself to the love that became it. The denial of this guidance from karma as truth results in suffering. Our “Destiny” in evolving through creation is to embrace suffering’s call, to penetrate the “Karma “ of the original separation and redeem the evolutionary process in such a way that love enters its own creation, illuminating all life with joy. Our bringing of heaven’s intent to earth will make this possible for all realities. How?  As matter is the literal edge of infinity, the “Omega” point of the Alpha’s efforts to love; then a being who willingly sacrifices itself to what it is as Spirit, then Omega is achieved! This is our/your destiny, the dream of the ONE.

I am the Alpha and the Omega

“When the part within the whole becomes the source of the whole; then the whole can become the source.”

That part is the Christed Human I.

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Love, loyalty and friendship;

Na ho te he

Na ho te he he



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