gary_thumbnailGary Collins started his journey into healing and wholeness over 26 years ago. Initially exploring the martial arts, oriental healing and meditation he qualified as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine in 1989. Since then he has certified in the related disciplines of Chinese Herbal therapy, Tuina, and Qi Gong. He has practiced and taught Tai Chi Chuan for twenty years. Other therapies he has studied and and certified in include Pranic Healing, Phytobiophysics, Shamanic Healing, Bu Qi Healing and Heart and Soul Healing. He also trained with the Four Winds Society. His practice has evolved over the years, as a result his main focus is to empower the client to become aware of themselves as an energetic being with the power to greatly influence their own healing. He is the founder of both the Jade Sun School which offers courses in spiritual development and healing, and the Solar Sound Healing system.

Gary can be contacted for appointments in Dublin and Wexford on 087 2287708 or on [email protected].