Jade Sun School Syllabus

The Jade Sun School syllabus trains the human “I” in the art and science of becoming fully human.  It is designed to awaken the inner wisdom of the human heart in a way that true individuality is born.  True individuality allows us to experience complete independent sovereignty in our being and at the same time one hearted connectedness with all of life.

The syllabus trainings are presented as specific modules that facilitate a sequential unfoldment of realisations within the individual.  This results in the person owning in an intimate way the truths that are revealed.  Over the course of the trainings inner innate soul qualities are awakened. These qualities are gratitude, humility, compassion and forgiveness.  They encapsulate the very fabric of our being and are the key powers that initiate the creative and evolutionary process.  Therefore, the conscious engagement of these powers is necessary for the further evolution of humanity.

What the individual can expect is the development within himself/herself of true patience, discipline and above all an informed sincerity of heart.  The methods taught help to safely unfold a personal relationship with these powers cutting a clear and steady path to love and freedom.

Syllabus Modules

Below is a synopsis of the phases of awaking that the syllabus brings the individual through, with relevant modules identified for each phase.

In the first phase of the syllabus we learn to centre in the essential aspects of our being.  From here we open to our experience of our true nature. After experiencing our true nature we can then begin to understand the function of relationship in the evolutionary process.  This in turn deepens our acceptance of the need to open to our true nature.  This deeper opening to our true nature allows us to explore and penetrate into the experience of that which became us, that is spirit, the origin of the soul.  Phase 1 includes modules 1, 2 and 3.

The second phase deepens our training and our ability to accept and incarnate the truth we have explored in the first phase.  Particularly, it teaches energetic medicines to help us cope with the transformative change that happens to the key aspects of our being. These changes are a consequence of us consciously surrendering to who we truly are. At the end of this phase we are ready to explore why love became the human soul and the choice that confronts every human being who wishes to surrender to love’s intent.  This is the midpoint of the Jade Sun School syllabus and involves exploring the awakening of the sacred heart power of the human being.  This phase of the syllabus includes modules 4, 5 and 6.

Module 7 is the pivotal teaching of the Jade Sun School syllabus.  It opens the individual to awaking from inside out.  It is a personal remembering of the choice that we need to make to evolve towards love and freedom.  The sacred truth that the Jade Sun School serves, [namely, that that which created itself as the human soul now wants to awaken in the human heart  as the human being] is now revealed through the individual’s own heart knowing.

The understanding of the choice that confronts the human soul to live from the sacred heart with unbending intent prepares it to explore the depth of the meaning and consequence that comes with that choice.  This is Phase 3 of the syllabus.  Phase 3 opens us to an even deeper and a more intimate knowing of the purpose of suffering and evil in the evolutionary process. Phase 3 of the syllabus includes modules 8 and 9.

In the fourth phase of the syllabus the soul prepares to enter into a full and embodied commitment to the purpose of being human.  Particularly the human being’s commitment to the sacrificing of its personal creative energy to love’s purpose is engaged.  Here the individual consciously offers its being to its own knowing of the truth entering into a personal relationship with what we can call the Michael School.  Phase 4 of the syllabus includes modules 10, 11, 12 and 13.

The last phase of the syllabus and the concluding module bring all of the previous teachings full circle leaving the individual with all of the knowing and truth that it needs to evolve and become fully human.  It now only remains for each of us to choose love and freedom.

To conclude, the above approach was established over a 20 years period of researching the spiritual scientific movement of the human “I” in its efforts to access the truth of its own being and the further revelation to itself, through itself, of the nature of its relationship to life and the evolutionary process.

The modules are:

  • Module 1: Connecting with your Unconditional Self
  • Module 2: The Science of Relationship
  • Module 3: Opening to the Origin of the Spirit-Self Embracing the Rainbow Teachings
  • Module 4: Earth Medicine Teachings
  • Module 5: Heart Medicine Teachings
  • Module 6: Mind Medicine Teachings
  • Module 7: Awakening the Sacred Heart
  • Module 8: Destiny and Karma – the Evolutionary Path of the Human Being
  • Module 9: The Reality of Evil, its purpose and function in the Evolution of the Human Soul
  • Module 10: Divine Mother Qi Gong Part 1
  • Module 11: Self-Initiation into the “Michael School” – Commitment to the Path
  • Module 12: Transformation of Relationship with Sexual Creative Energy
  • Module 13: Divine Mother Qi Gong Part 2
  • Module 14: The Feathered Serpent Teaching – Preparation for Resurrection

Below is a presentation of each module within the syllabus.

Module 1: Connecting with your Unconditional Self.

This involves grounding, harmonising and accessing our energetic being through body wisdom.  From this foundation we then learn to center in the key aspects of our being.  This centering creates the perfect platform to open to the experience of the unconditional self.  Now that we have the connection to the unconditional self we are in a position to understand the purpose of relationship.

Module 2: The Science of Relationship.

In this second module we take the foundation of the first module and use it to reveal to ourselves the intimate invitation that life is making to each of us through the dynamic of relationship. We will reveal, with Spiritual Heart Science, how our response to self and others shows us where we actually are; and how learning to grow from where we are at leads us onto the true path of becoming who we really are (beings of love and freedom).

Module 3: Opening to the Origin of the Spirit-Self Embracing the Rainbow Teachings

Only the self can experience itself through remembering the origin and essence of its own being.  In this module we explore awakening the memory of what can be called the covenant between love and its manifestation as the human soul.  This knowing reveals to us the function of our energetic anatomy particularly the so called chakra system, often referred to as the human rainbow.

Module 4: Earth Medicine Teachings.

The consequence of the above phase and modules necessitates an active changing of the way we relate to our bodies ; indeed to the experience of embodiment and material existence.  We employ earth spirit medicine to change and heal our relationship with our bodies.  The key element is the earth.  The key soul quality awakened with this medicine is gratitude.

Module 5: Heart Medicine Teachings.

Again our growth necessities a change in healing the way we function emotionally.  Heart medicine shows us how to redefine our feeling nature in the light of the emotional power we receive from our unconditional self.  The key element here is water.  The key soul quality is humility.

Carolyn White: “Thank you for a great course. I can say from my own personal experience that this training is key to healing our relationship with suffering.”

Sinead Cranwell: Thank you for an amazing course and for sharing the wisdom of how I can heal myself in my day to day life.”

Module 6: Mind Medicine Teachings.

In the light of our conscious experience of our unconditional selves, a re-evaluation of our belief system and reality views is inevitable.  Mind medicine teaches us to literally die to all self-imagery so that we can see things as they really are.  This frees us from self-pity and helps us master pure logic. The key element is air.  The innate soul quality is ruthless honestly.

Module 7: Awakening the Sacred Heart.

Through the application of the above medicines, we will become healed enough to penetrate all emotional woundedness and go directly into the inner heart core of our emotional being where we become capable of experiencing the truth that love has incarnated into the earth realm and is inviting us to awaken that same power of love in our own hearts.  The key here which is the source and essence of all elements and of all soul qualities is love, the logos.

Module 8: Destiny and Karma – the Evolutionary Path of the Human Being.

In tasting through self-revelation the purpose of the human heart and human existence, we are now in an emotionally powerful enough place to cognise the reasoning and logic behind the evolutionary process.  We begin to own more personally the knowledge we have already explored in the above trainings.  We become aware of our cognitive status in a completely personal way.  The consequence of this is an intimate inside out cognition of karma and its relationship to humanity’s destiny.  That destiny being the facilitation of love awakening consciously in all of creation.

Module 9: The Reality of Evil, its purpose and function in the Evolution of the Human Soul.

In order to serve love’s purpose the human “I” must now open in a spiritual scientific and protected way to its relationship with the phenomena of evil.  This is a necessary initiation if the human soul is to reclaim authority over all of its being in service to love.  We cannot wash our hands of this necessity.  Understanding the evolutionary purpose of evil is a prerequisite to being able to offer our creative being to love.

Module 10: Divine Mother Qi Gong Part 1.

The Divine Mother’s Qi Gong involves learning energetic knowledge that prepares us to awaken love’s energy in our creative center.  This knowledge helps us to deal with the mental, emotional and sexual challenge that comes with this choice.

Module 11: Self-Initiation into the “Michael School” – Commitment to the Path.

At this stage of the syllabus one is aware of the human being’s cosmic status.  Spiritual intelligence in the form of Archangel Michael schools the human soul in the science of the spirit.  This is an initiation one must commit to through personal knowing and freewill.  Michaelic knowing is what protects the human being in its relationship with the anti-evolutionary forces of evil.

Module 12: Transformation of Relationship with Sexual Creative Energy.

Now that we are armed with spiritual science, we can reverse the influence of the karmic process including evil’s influence on the way we use our creative being.  The full awaking of love and the freeing of the human soul from the necessity of suffering cannot happen outside this choice.

Module 13: Divine Mother Qi Gong Part 2.

A further extension of energetic knowledge and protection to facilitate our following through on our commitment to becoming who we are.

Module 14: The Feathered Serpent Teaching – Preparation for Resurrection.

This module brings the JadeSun syllabus full circle.  The serpent becomes feathered when like the  oriborus it eats its own tail. With this module we literally accept the truth that our future is in our own hands.

Auxiliary Courses

Auxiliary courses are offered on related topics, for example The Jesus Mysteries. Upcoming courses will be posted on our schedule.

Lastly, after the completion of the eighth module, the student will qualify to have the option of training and certifying in the Solar Sound Healing System. This is an intensive ten day training. Please see Solar Sound Healing for more details.