PDF transcript file of a conversation between Gary Collins, Founder of The Jade Sun School, and Eamon Marray on ‘One Heart Fire Day’ in 2017 (according to the Mayan calendar).

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One Heart Fire

The Jade Sun School presents a PDF file of ‘One Heart Fire’.

The following is an offering of a teaching via question and answer format given in 2017 on a day which according to the Mayan Calendar is the initiation of “One Heart Fire”.

The teaching is acutely relevant to the crossroads that humanity has arrived at, and is therefore given within the context of times we live in now.

Here are some of the topics that get explored:

  • The transformation of thinking
  • The Science of relationship
  • Collapsing the lie of separation
  • Spiritual identity vs truth
  • Incorrect use of willpower
  • Suffering as teacher
  • Victim / perpetrator/ rescuers
  • Evolutionary function of evil
  • Personal relationship with evil
  • Relationship between Evil and Caring
  • Essentialness of Sacrifice and Selflessness
  • False schism between feeling and knowing
  • When knowing and feeling are one , then truth can speak .
  • Redeeming sincerity through Heart Science
  • The deception of just be The necessity of Truth training
  • Where to want from
  • Personal responsibility as the ability to respond
  • Why life became human
  • Wisdom calcifies without love
  • God as human , human as God
  • Why world is changing like never before
  • Gift of the body
  • Love as the human is learning to love its creation as that creation

Na ho te he _ we are all one
Na ho te he he – we are all related

In friendship loyalty & love.